Life Goes On Quotes – Top 10 Sayings With Images Download

Life Goes On Quotes - Top 10 Sayings With Images Download

Life Goes On Quotes

A day will come when you will be grateful to the entire world that life goes on.

Express yourself and take every opportunity as life goes on.

Life is can be compared to grammar rules. It has past, present and future all intense.

In life we are given lots of choices to choose from but only few chose to live their lives to the fullest.

Dying will not stop life from going on. Life itself has no choice but to continue, without minding what is happening with everybody.

Life is like pavement. There will be bumps. Cracks maybe present and it might be blocked at times. The only most significant thing is that it continues to go on.

Life goes one even if all the things around it changes.

Life goes on not because to remind you of your mistakes. Life goes on because it wants you to learn the lessons of your mistakes.

Life is more like riding a motorcycle or a bicycle. In order for you to keep your balance, you must keep on moving. Once you stop you will fall.

You may be weak and helpless right now, but keep in mind that life goes on and someday you will be the strongest.

Do not let the hardship and difficulties of life break you but allow it to mold you into a braver and tougher person who can face all the changes in going of life.

Life will go on in any way possible. Nothing can change that. Not even life itself.

Be reminded that the morning will come because it has no choice but to come.

We have to live with a purpose in life because if don’t have any purpose then we are just existing not living.

Life will keep going even if there are only few pieces left. Bear that truth in mind.

Life does not wait for anyone no matter how important person you are. Life will not wait for you; it will keep going on its own.

Life is a lot like reading a book, if you want to finish the story then you have to go to the next chapter, you don’t stay on the same page.

Smile to life because crying to it will not help you.

In our lives, accidents do happen. We may get our knee scrapped, our bones broken and skin slashed but as long as our heart continues to beat out life will keep going further down the road.

The longer the life goes on, the longer the hardships will be and so as the happiness and joys of life.

Life Goes On Quotes


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