Depression quotes – Depressing Quotes About Love

Depression quotes - Depressing Quotes About Love

Depression quotes

People cry not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

As human beings, we feel certain sentiments which are caused by a magnificent organ we call a brain. One of these passions is depression. Although depression is linked with health problems such as diseases, drugs, alcohol, or during pregnancy, others may think depressed because they are going through a big change in life or a sudden death of a loved one.
Depression quotes
This feeling begins by worrying a lot, sadness or lack of energy. It becomes a problem if it lasts for days, months, or even years. To see sad is normal but to stay diminished for a long time may cause problems in your health, relationships, and well being. So how do you fight back this negative emotion? How will you live your life if you’re in a constant battle with yourself?
Depression quotes


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